Kaju Sohan Halwa


Sohan Halwa is a sweet dish and delicacy that people in South Asia enjoy. It can be made using different ingredients like pistachios, Kaju or cashew nuts, etc. Kaju Sohan Halwa is one famous type. You can buy Kaju Sohan halwa online or from different shops. Many brands are selling them.

What is Kaju Sohan Halwa

Kaju Sohan Halwa tends to be a traditional dessert that people in Afghanistan, Iran as well as Pakistan consume. It includes different sweet ingredients and is thought to have come from Persia. Kaju Halwa is semi-sold along with crispy in texture. This allows it to have its amazing taste that people enjoy. The halwa is often cut in a disc shape. The main ingredients of this one include cashew nuts, sugar, milk, water, saffron, pistachios.


Kaju or cashew nuts get consumed across the globe. Some people eat it by itself or it can be added into recipes like Sohan Halwa. These ingredients in the halwa allow it to be more delicious to the taste buds.

How to choose a good shop that sells Kaju Sohan Halwa

Sohan has been manufactured by traditional confectioners for some time now. The product is brittle along with caramelized, often composed into discs that are 5-6mm thick. They can even be square ones that are bite-sized. You can buy Kaju Sohan Halwa that is packaged in exquisitely designed tin boxes. However, it can even be gotten in other types of packaging.

Kaju Halwa can be brought from different shops. If you want Kaju Sohan Halwa online then you need to look for a popular shop. They must use good and natural ingredients so that the product can be made perfectly. You need to choose the shop that uses top quality ingredients for this dessert.

Kaju Sohan Halwa online cannot be tasted therefore making the process more difficult. However, if you know of a good brand that has positive reviews and sales you can consider buying this product especially if you stay in a country that does not have shops that produce it. Often, people who stay in the countries where it is produced love it, and when they go abroad, they feel like consuming it and so have to buy Kaju Sohan Halwa online.

Price of the product

Because it contains many natural ingredients you may think that the Kaju Sohan Halwa price is costly. However, you can buy it at a reasonable price from a famous shop located in places like Multan, Pakistan.

Now that you know about the confectionary you can try it out, especially if you love cashew nuts. If you stay in a place that does not sell it, it is possible to get Kaju Sohan Halwa online. Compare the Kaju Sohan Halwa price so that you can get one that is of good quality using the best ingredients. You can give it as a gift when going to a social gathering and show off the culture of your homeland.

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