Badami Sohan Halwa


Badami Sohan halwa:

Almonds commonly known as badaam are one of the richest dry fruits in terms of nutrition and taste. They ramp up the dessert in which they are added. The trend of sprinkling almonds on our sweet dishes is quite common now. Apart from that, we also add almonds in our foods and feel their presence in our mouth with every bite.

Sohan halwa is one of the most popular desserts of sub-continent that is loved by people across the world not just in Pakistan. Since people love sohan halwa in its every form and flavour, those adding almonds to this divine dessert have done justice with it.


Sohan halwa with added almonds is commonly regarded as badami sohan halwa. Badami halwa has always been people’s first choice because crunching almonds enhance the taste. Badami halwa is usually concentrated with almonds that take the traditional sohan halwa of multan to the next level. This is where the idea to buy badami sohan halwa comes to from.

Get badami sohan halwa online:

With everything becoming easily accessible due to the virtual marketplace, many sellers also came up with selling sohan halwa. Now you can easily get badami sohan halwa online at a very affordable price without even leaving your home.

Buying sohan halwa online is not easy. Everyone wants to get best badami sohan halwa. Therefore, finding a trusted seller is a hard job. Halway walay deals with best badami sohan halwa in terms of quality.

Place order of badami sohan halwa online on There are different sohan halwa types and quality of different brands. Sohan halwa concentrated with fresh and high-quality almonds is rich in taste and enhance the experience of customers. The satisfaction of customers from halway walay is 100%.

The quality of almonds in sohan halwa is too good. Almonds give a completely new experience to those who are eating it for the first time.

What is badami sohan halwa price?

Buy badami sohan halwa with best quality and affordable price from Delectable sohan halwa with sprinkle of almonds and double layers of halwa cooked in desi ghee is one of the favourite desserts of everyone.  Experience of crunching almonds while munching halwa has no match. Above all, the price of one box of almond halwa is just Rs. 1000.

How to order?

In order to place order for badami sohan halwa, you need to open the website Here you can find a variety of sohan halwa with different flavours, types and packaging. Choose the one you like the most, choose the quantity and place order.

After you have placed your order, you will be given a tracking number from where you can track your order. Halwa is delivered to you as quickly as possible. The best part of buying badami sohan halwa from is that there are no shipping charges. Free shipping saves you a lot of costs.

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